Personal Growth and Development

The Bella Terra Equine Adventure Program provides a personally inspiring experience of self-discovery facilitated by the teachings of a horse.

Discover yourself … with a horse

The experience will provide the opportunity to:

  • Look introspectively and enhance your personal awareness
  • Grow personally, emotionally, and spiritually
  • Explore misconceptions, limiting beliefs, and cultural expectations – understand how these impact your life
  • Evaluate your unique communication style and learn how to improve relationships to get what you need
  • Learn new tools for life stress, balance, purpose, and transitions
  • Explore your priorities, goals, and passions
  • Develop new perspectives for living a more meaningful and joyful life

This is a holistic approach to personal growth. Helping individuals and families transition through challenges or find greater fulfillment. The horses offer their wonderful gift of mirroring our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – they are a tremendous at helping us to develop a greater understanding of ourselves. The ultimate goal of this experience is to understand how to live more authentically and in the present moment; to more fully experience trust, honesty, integrity, and, most importantly, joy in your life.

Empower your potential


Miraval Resort – Life in Balance

Bella Terra was founded in 2000 by Todd and Kim Shook after their own life changing encounter participating in the Equine Experience led by Wyatt Webb at Miraval Resort and Spa in Tucson, Arizona. Miraval is repeatedly rated one of the top luxury resorts in the world and is a tremendous place to ignite personal changes and find life balance. Wyatt Webb started the Equine Experience at Miraval. He is one of the founders and leaders in the field of equine experiential learning.

The Shooks’ interaction with the horses at Miraval revealed how and why they approached life situations in the manner they did. The experience was so moving that within six months of their first experience with Wyatt Webb, the Shooks purchased their first miniature horses. It was the Shooks’ personal experience with Wyatt Webb and Miraval that led them into this field to assist others in finding ways to living their best possible life. The Bella Terra Equine Adventure program provides the opportunity to experience such a powerful program locally.

"It's not about the horse. This has nothing to do with horses. It has to do with how people conduct their lives.The horse will simply mirror you. If your communication is confused, if you get frustrated or you're timid, or if you easily lose your focus as the leader of the task, the horse instantly reflects what is going on. Once you understand your own strengths and weaknesses, you can then transfer these insights to your human relationships and maybe improve the way you handle different areas of your life."

~Wyatt Webb

Learning About Yourself

"Most of the ladies expressed some pretty deep feelings about how the horses responded to them. We always come away from this experience with a sense that there really is more to our lives worth learning about, and we seem to find something in ourselves that was lost long ago."
~ Program Participant

"Each person has their own answer, which cannot be found externally."
~ Wyatt Webb

"What we know scientifically is what we believe tends to come true."
~ Dr. Candace Pert at the Western Michigan University Holistic Health Conference

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