Our clients are:

  • Business teams
  • Nonprofit organizations and their clients
  • Youth groups
  • Student organizations
  • Individuals and families seeking personal development and growth

Our Clients Tell Us:

"This program provides a unique and powerful experience that breaks down barriers and illuminates clarity."

"It is the best experience to better understand their group and how they work together to achieve goals."

"Bonding with horses through building trust-based relationships is the key difference to equine experiential learning."

"It is an empowering experience to facilitate learning and change unlike anything else!"

"I learned about “the power of the team to motivate others.”

“Great job getting the group to work on communication.”

"I now know how to work with my team in a more effective way.”

"Unique way to convey principles of managing."

"I better understand my style when confronted with the unknown and the way my co-workers handled the same situations.”

"I learned a lot about my ability to confront others and how teams can utilize each other to make things happen."

"I enjoyed being around the horses and working to build trust."

"It really illustrates how you are perceived by others."

“Taught me to be more confident.”

"Insightful – thought provoking activities."

A therapist said: "I learned more about this client in the first 5 minutes of watching him work with the horses than in the prior 10 office sessions combined."



"Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart…who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

~ Carl Gustav Jung

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